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PAPER MACHE MONKEY is a custom prop shop located in NYC. Since 2010, the PMM team has been specializing in bridging the creative gap between design and fabrication, theater and the art object, innovative ideas and artisnal craft. 

Our team continues to expand the visual limits for our clients. We take pride in creating work alongside the impressive collaborators who continue to seek us out everyday: from top notch Broadway producers, Tony Award winning designers, Cirque du Soleil clowns and magicians, rock stars, edgy corporate agencies, as well as our local businesses and educators in the New York City area.

 Check out our team below, and see a list of the productions and brands we have proudly been involved with to date!

Ltborate with YOU!


Grady Barker


Having received his Masters of Fine Art in sculpture and performance art at San Francisco Art Institute, Grady eagerly searches for time to escape from behind his desk to specialize in the shop’s large-scale sculptures, metal and mechanical projects, and his new obsession 3d printing. His 15+ years of professional experience in the entertainment industry gives him a broad spectrum of mediums and crafting techniques to offer uniquely tailored design solutions to our clients.


Tim Reckel



Tim is our truly well-rounded jack of all trades. Getting his degree in painting at the William Patterson University in New Jersey, he is proficient in the gamut of building techniques: from puppets to stage sets, furniture to boats. At PMM, Tim oversees the shop’s every day operations and specialize in carpentry, casting, and electronics. He is always pushing boundaries to learn new cutting edge skills in programming, automation, 3D printing and CNC carving to answer our client’s most technical needs.


Laury Grea


Laury has flown over the big wide ocean to grace us with her talents from France. Having studied space design and visual arts at Ecole Boulle Paris, she utilizes her 10 years of experience to specialize in scenic techniques and faux finishes, as well as overseeing our props crafting department. Her varied experience between movie sets and theater stages allowed her to develop side skills like upholstery, soft goods, and sewing as well as casting, mold-making, and composite materials which makes her the ideal artist to offer a wide array of technical solutions for crossover projects.

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Cat Stevens



Cat has been with us for 8 years since he was a bounding baby shop kitten. He is the mascot of the shop and is the stoic face that appears on the official Paper Mache Monkey ping pong paddle. Mr. Stevens continually brings daily love and cuddles to our whole team, our clients, and pretty much anyone else who walks in our shop door.